Social Media Marketing

Instagram is the oxygen in the hospitality sector

Show me how.

our approach


We are hashtag obsessed, we've built our own viral instagrams. We have a network of some of the best influencer photographers and videographers who can create content for your location.

At Cool Escapes, we have the reach, the network and the skills to make your place stand out. With your own instagram driving traffic to your own website, the days of paying 15% of your earnings to Airbnb, VRBO etc are long gone! Increase your ROI and be master of your own destiny.


What are our Digital Marketing Services?

Social Media Management

We would be responsible for maximising engagement on your instagram. Posting daily, engaging with comments, running giveaways. Watch your likes then follows soar.

Content Creation

We have worked with a network of some of the best photographers across North America and Europe who have a proven track record of creating engaging content. Working with you, we can create posts, reels and stories that are unrivalled.

Influencer Leverage

Leveraging our own instagram presence (over 1mln followers), as well as leveraging our network of influencers (over 20mln followers), we know how to get you noticed.

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.